... the Sun is more than energy

…the Sun is more than energy

New Concentrating Solar Power plant CSP DISH STIRLING (Sunflower 35) represents a unique energetic and ecological device, which effectively uses renewable sources of energy without any greenhouse gas emissions and negative impact on the environment. Several European companies and universities present this technology via newly formed company Concentrating Systems s.r.o. which was founded for sale and promotion of this technology.

We have put in extended efforts to achieve present results, especially high energy power output and efficiency, according to demands for high reliability, long working life, remarkable economic and environmental benefits and as well as for power independence. We have been developing our technical solution and final design since 2000 and now we are going to inaugurate the first pilot projects and power plants.


foto Energy from the Sun Dish Stirling


 What can one concentrating solar power CSP Dish Stirling do if operated for 20 years?

  • Generate Energy with a capacity of up to 517 MWhe electricity and 1360 MWht heat.
  • Supply energy for twenty years an average of 8 to 13 households.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions by 732 tons.
  • Replace the reduction of CO2 emissions by over twenty years, constantly absorbed 938 trees older than ten years.
  • Save planting 6274 trees, which for a period of twenty years, absorbed the same amount of emissions.
  • Replaces consumption of 232 tons of coal.
  • Replaces consumption of 173,271 liters of oil and 201,806 cubic meters of natural gas.
  • Replaces emissions generated over twenty years from a total of 63 cars.


Imagine how much can do for example only 10000 units CSP Dish Stirling Sunflower 35 sold in the first 10 years after launch.

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