... the Sun is more than energy

Research and development, testing

Our broad team of R&D, which is full of specialists, designers, technicians and mechanics, consists from well-established industrial companies and universities and this experienced team has been creating and developing fine and viable technical solutions.

Our technical solution has been tested for several years and it has been improved to today’s status. Standard procedure consists of long-term testing and operating of Stirling engine in combustion application in our testing lab (heat source is natural gas). Next step is practical testing and operating on solar testing-lab and existing power plant which is located in the heart of Europe in the Czech Republic (heat source is sun radiation).

We have been put in extended efforts to achieve present results, especially high energy power output and efficiency, according to demands for high reliability, long working life, remarkable economic and environmental benefits and as well as for power independence. Obviously we have been finding excellent balance between crucial operating parameters (mean pressure and temperature of working gas and energy power output and efficiency).

We have been developing our technical solution and final design since 2000 and now we are going to inaugurate the first pilot projects and power plants in selected countries.



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