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1. Is your CSP Dish Stirling Sunflower technology like combined heat and power (CHP)?
Yes, our technology provides clean electricity and heat power output at the same time but customers may decide if they need and use heat energy power output. For the best ROI and LCOE/LEC it is recommended to use both power output (electricity and heat).


2. How long have you been working on Stirling engine R&D?
We have been working on it since 2000.


3. Have you been testing and operating Power Conversion Unit (PCU) with Stirling engine on solar application?
Yes, there has been long term testing of the whole power plant CSP Dish Stirling Sunflower in solar application since 2007.


4. How do you test and verify Stirling engine before installation into the PCU?
Each Stirling engine is tested and trial run right after assembling in our test labs on combustion application when source of heat energy is flammable gas (standardly natural gas).


5. Have you been preparing hybrid solution for permanent operating?
We have been researching and preparing easy and functional solar/gas combustion solution for 24 hours operating without necessity of storage with losses.


6. Is it possible to use thermal energy for adsorption or absorption cooling systems?
Yes, heat power output with adjustable output temperature could provide operation of cooling systems for air-conditioning, cooling and freezing.


7. Is Stirling engine most efficient in comparison with other solar technology (CSP, solar thermal, PV)?
Yes, complete PCU with Stirling engine has got higher overall efficiency (conversion to electricity) than other RE technology. Standard range of electrical efficiency is up to 25% (it is around 60% higher than PV and around 40% higher than Solar Through or Solar Tower).


8. Is the CSP Dish Stirling dispatchable?
Control system or remote control access enable full controlling of power plant and start/stop as well as determination of demanded power output (min/max). Sunflower power plant enables to avoid grid overload or blackout.


9. How could customers supervise course of operating?
Customers can supervise or monitor operation and all parameters as well as history via internet connection.All sorts of electronic devices (PC, tablets and smartphones) can be connected with control system after authorization.


10. What are conditions for service?
The service interval is longer than one year and service tasks can be performed by local staff after short training.Remote control and preventive diagnostic system create safe conditions for long-term operating without interruption. Basic service interval is after each 5000 working hours.


11. How is protection and security against high temperature during operating ensured?
PCU includes several protective and preventive systems. During operating high temperatures in the focal plane are used (up to 800 °C). Entire front side of PCU with receiver cavity is made from high temp resistance material. Further protection is based on safety shadow curtain which excludes damages of receiver or Stirling engine. Of course the concentrator is automatically turned aside of the concentrated beams to stow position to avoid uncontrollable growth of temperature.


12. What are the benefits of closed loop cooling system?
There is no need of any water for cooling and antifreeze fluid is predestined for long-term operating during high difference between summer or winter temperatures.




1. Can I buy pilot project (one or several units) for verification and consequent extension up to hundreds of units?
Yes. We recommend to start with small scale power plant with 1-10 units and after local energy gain verification and finding and training local workers building up large power plant is recommended.


2. Can I buy a CSP Dish Stirling Sunflower for big power plant?
Yes, Sunflower 35 is scalable and you can buy 10 up to 1000 units (10 MWe installed capacity).


3. Is Sunflower suitable for harsh conditions especially for deserts and semidesert or for rough and hilly terrain?
Yes, all parts of Sunflower are suitable for problematic conditions and placement into slope terrain is possible through its technical design and supporting pylon.


4. It is possible to transfer certain parts of know-how and production into customers region?
Yes, we are able to discuss this topic and we are ready to start production of some parts of technology in customers' region.


5. Is it possible to increase guarantee for longer than 24 month time period?
Yes, guarantee could be prolonged but it influences price structure and level.

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