... the Sun is more than energy


Stirling dish system is a small power generation power plant which is scalable, modular and flexible. These systems are ideal for standalone applications, decentralized applications and OFF-GRID systems, and in cluster with install capacity from 0.1 up to 10MW. The capacity of a single unit Sunflower 35 for solar utilization is 35 kW (10kW electricity + 25 kW heat).

This new power plant Sunflower 35 is built on modern technologies, which are able to use highly concentrated solar radiation. This solar dish system automatically tracks, collects and focuses the sun’s energy into the PCU to generate grid-quality electricity. This proved principle, high efficiency and power output overcome the possibilities of wide range of other devices using renewable sources of energy.

CSP plants of this type are designed for combined production of electrical and heat energy (like CHP units). Parabolic concentrator with mirror surface reflects direct solar radiation to the focal point where is placed the PCU - Power Conversion Unit. A main part of the PCU is Stirling engine which converts thermal energy gained from solar radiation into mechanical energy and then to the electrical energy via generator. This system also optionally allows effective utilization of thermal energy and waste heat, so that the solar power plant can be used even for making heat and cold. This system features fully automatic controlling and positioning of the concentrator in two axes and meets the requirements in order to be built and operate in harsh conditions. Control system allows full remote access and control. The output clean electricity and heat without any emissions can be sold or used for immediate consumption.



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