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New Concentrating Solar Power plant CSP DISH STIRLING (Sunflower 35) represents a unique energetic and ecological device, which effectively uses renewable sources of energy...


CSP DISH STIRLING - unique energetic and ecological device

Stirling dish system is a small power generation power plant which is scalable, modular and flexible. These systems are ideal for standalone applications, decentralized applications and OFF-GRID systems, and in cluster with install capacity from 0.1 up to 10 MW. The capacity of a single unit Sunflower 35 for solar utilization is 35 kW (10 kW electricity + 25 kW heat).

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Research and development, testing

Our broad team of R&D, which is full of specialists, designers, technicians and mechanics, consists from well-established industrial companies and universities and this experienced team has been creating and developing fine and viable technical solutions.

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Stirling engine

The heat Stirling engine (SB-Tedom V-183) is the most efficient thermodynamic cycle and it is a crucial device which converts heat energy into mechanical energy like combustion engines. Our Stirling engine is designed as a single-action α modification with ...

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Power conversion unit

PCU 35 called aggregate includes the Stirling engine with generator and an external heat exchanger – receiver. The thermal receiver is a set of thin tubes with a working gas (Helium). The thermal receiver is the interface for heat transfer...

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Solar concentrator

Solar concentrator is a primary solar component of Dish Stirling technology.
Prefabricated steel zinc coated parabolic concentrator delivers the sun’s fuel into the focal point where PCU with Stirling engine’s receiver is placed.


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